The Birth of Universal Driver: Lighting Control for Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum houses famous art pieces including the Mona Lisa.  Years ago our European team was commissioned to come up with a lighting solution for the Louvre.  But the challenge was that no electronic components such as ballasts, transformers or drivers should be put in the ceilings for fire safety as well as to retain minimal disturbance to the existing structures. Traditionally, these components have to be put within a few meters of the lamps. 

Our team under pressure came up with an unconventional way of powering those lights from over 150 meters away with a system called Dimoline.  This technology has been extended today to our unique high power remote LED Driver system, the Universal Driver (UD in short) to power LED lights from up to 200m away and with maximum power up to 4800W per system.  Lighting up places with great many number of lights and/or very tall ceilings is now made possible with the UD which can now be placed in an easily accessible E&M service room like the MCB boxes.  This is good news for industries such as hospitality or retail and for maintenance of hard to reach areas such as facades, tall ceilings, tunnels and even for normal commercial and residential applications.

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