New Language of Lighting Design

For many years, architects and lighting designers are working together, but actually, they do not really work together because they speak very different languages like Chinese and English.

We ELS, has come up with a way, such that designers, architects, as well as lighting designers can speak the same language.

ELS Lights up Shilla Duty Free at HKIA

For the first half of 2018, our team has been working hard at the Hong Kong International Airport to light up the new series Shilla Duty Free “Beauty & You” shops. It has helped Shilla grab customers' eysballs towards Shilla’s beauty products, conveying the image of 'Natural Beauty' lit up by ELS’ lighting design and products.

Remote LED Driving & Control up to 200M

This is what we called a Universal Driver, a remote driving solution for LED lighting system. The LED lights can be placed up to 200 meters from the system driver located in more convenient areas such as E&M service rooms, greatly increasing serviceability and reliability.

How to design dynamic retail lighting that significantly increases shop sales?

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ELS LDV (Lighting Design Visualization) Process

In retail, grabbing customers’ attention is a major task. Conducing lighting ambience enhances in-store experience. Hopefully, the customers stay in the shop long enough to pull out the wallet.
ELS 3D LDV is the process for comprehensive lighting solutions. The work is faster and very strict forward. You’re introduced to how the lighting information we provide helps non-technical personnel “See” the situation intuitively and effectively. It enables prompt and correct decisions.
ELS 3D LDV process is created for today’s multi-facet, multi-talent and efficient collaboration.

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Maintenance Strategy of LED Lighting System Proposed by ELS

ELS’ UD technology puts the LED engine apart from the power supply at a long distance, separating two different heat sources and much reducing failure. Our field experience over a large number of installations has clearly shown a well-proven lower failure rate over time.

Generally, remote power supply from LEDs induces problem in power quality like voltage drop or instability. This is also one reason of underperformed LED lighting system. We have engineered our UD system approach to overcome this challenge up to a distance of 200 meters. As a result, ELS proposes maintenance strategy of LED lighting system as below.

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Grab Customers’ Attention with Shop Window Lighting

Retail shop is a place which sells consumer goods or service to customers to earn a profit. So the aim is to get as many people as possible into the shop by attracting their attention on the merchandise we sell. Customers are expected to remain in the place long enough so that shop sales can find a chance to complete the sale. Lighting is a very useful tool to realize this purpose. It helps merchandise look engaging and the interior space of the shop stand out.

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