Universal Drivers: Remote Lighting Control up to 200 meters

Universal Driver (UD) produced by ELS is a LED power driver designed for more effective maintenance and optimized control of LED lighting systems. UD enables remote installation of up to 200 meters from lighting fixtures with stable power quality, allowing the installation of power devices at easy access and safe locations.

  • Easy maintenance, especially for areas with high ceilings, outdoors or operationally difficult to service areas such as hospitality, with all electronics now serviceable at ground level and in serviceable areas
  • Safety – no drivers and no AC voltage line installed in ceilings
  • Manageability – all drivers integrated in one area or box
  • Simplicity – integral high power solutions enabling huge reduction of quantity of drivers and cabling
  • Very High efficiency : 98% for UD alone and 92% including recommended power supply, as compared to 80% or lower for traditional drivers
  • Excellent linear dimming or customized dimming curve also possible
  • Compatible with multiple standard lighting control protocols : DALI, DMX, 0-10V, potentiometer, push button, contactless hand-wave switch, etc.
  • Running multiple LEDs up to 4.8[kW] per driver
  • Surge protection and extremely low failure rate (MTTF)
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