Lighting Design Takes a Step Forward

Lighting design is located at the phase between optical design and 3D visualization in our complete design process. It supports the both sides and also gives them very important information. Basically during this phase, ELS calculates the illuminance level on selected planes, the luminance level from surfaces, uniformity of light in a specific area, and an UGR index of luminaires. With these then we analyze the level and quality of lighting environment. If, for example, the objective of the analysis is to eliminate bad uniformity or discomfort glare, we try to find out the reason after numerical analysis. The target performance of a new optical part such as a lens or a reflector will be set by the calculation results.

Lighting design is also the key to make 3D rendering realistic. 3D rendering needs not just to look beautiful virtually, but it must be realistic, realizable and executable in actual lighting installations. So it is very important to have a work flow including any numerical analysis before rendering works.

ELS runs the work flow reflecting such a benefit of numerical analysis. We have also added two different types of services into the flow which give you excellent lighting solutions and benefits.

Building Lighting Control System / Financial Cost Benefit Analysis

First, the design service of lighting control system using Universal Driver, UD. Customers who fully understand the specification and effectiveness of UD may want to install UDs for their lighting system. In many case, however, they may not be familiar with lighting control technology. No wonder! It’s because the field of lighting control is not popular to the public. ELS builds lighting control system for your building or interior space. Just let us know what you want to see and feel in the space.

You can read more about the effectiveness of UD !

The other is the economic analysis on your lighting system. In fact, it’s not easy task to calculate how much money we could save from lighting replacement. Finding correct parameters are very important. Due to the fast emergence of new technology, we especially need to pay attention to the differences in product generations. ELS will prepare the report of economic analysis of payback and ROI with innovative LED luminaires and lighting control system. You can fully assess the economics as well as lighting environment in advance.

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