Our Mission

Imagine you own the world but you cannot see.  The beautiful flowers, the bright blue skies, the lovely faces, and so on—everything means nothing to you.  Light has been created so that we can all appreciate the beauties of creation.  Without light, we’d all be living in darkness.  Light puts colors and warmth into our space. Light affects our lives.

We at ELS passionately embrace the Mission: Let There Be Light in the following manners.

  1. We strive to make the best use of novel lighting design techniques and innovative technologies, combined with carefully engineered products and control systems to implement for you lighting environments that provide comfort, aesthetics, friendliness, efficiency and cost-savings.
  2. We strive to develop a team that’s not just professional and proficient, but also caring, honest and with light in their hearts.
  3. We strive to put our clients’ needs ahead of ours.
  4. We strive to become a Light in the world by intentionally mentoring the younger generation thru our Mission.
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