Enhance Your Lighting Environment with ELS Premium Design Services

We Render Lighting Control as well

With smart design tools and BIM application, it is possible to examine the design results of architecture and interior space and to find out possible errors in advance. With very visual results, end customers with very little technical knowledge have now the chance to participate into the design process. We can generate easily unlimited iterations of architectural situations with 3D modeling and rendering method to make sure that the end customers can see, choose and approve with their own eyes before the actual works begin. This is also a very powerful marketing tool.

We can visualize space due to the presence of light, and how we perceive the space we are in or the things we are looking at depends greatly on the lighting conditions. This is the reason that ELS has been using LID, Lighting Imaging Design, to help architects, designers and project owners to realize their design in reality.

We make images of architecture and interior space under realistic lighting environment based on experience of lighting design and installation works for many years. The images reflect possible lighting control scenario with our UD, Universal Driver for LED luminaires. We provide compelling 3D modeling and rendering service of architectural space with optimized lighting conditions.

LID: Lighting Imaging Design

Analytic lighting design focused on numeric data such as illuminance, luminance and even UGR is suitable for communication between lighting professionals. ELS, on the other hand, uses LID, Lighting Imaging Design. LID uses real lighting data such as IES files and 3D models of lighting fixtures, delivering very realistic 3D virtualization images under different lighting conditions. This is a radical transformation from showing hard to understand scientific numbers to easily visible almost real images.

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