Develop Crucial Point of Your Fixture: Lenses and Reflectors

We once visited an office. They had very bright lighting condition on the desk. It was good enough for the work but they’re frustrated because of annoying glare that gave the users great discomfort when they’re looking at monitors. Definitely, productivity was going down. Is there a solution?

Luminaires would play a role of furniture and now they’re integrated with communication units. But the prime role of luminaires for the space is providing light at appropriate intensity levels to the targeted illumination space without any inconvenience. However, one often faces glare problem even when the above criteria are met.

ELS’ Optical Design Team professionally handles this sort of issues and come up with the optimal solutions for the client, from the design of secondary optics (lenses, reflectors, diffusers, etc.) up to the design of the complete lighting fixtures.

ELS Lighting Lab.

In optical design, it is crucial to manage the information of materials being used. The optical performance or the manufacturing method of products would be determined in line with the material specifications. Most lenses or reflectors are being produced by mechanical molds. Therefore reducing the molding cost means saving the development cost. The cost of molds is decided by how exactly one needs to predict the performance of products in the design stage.

We do not predict only with the results of optical design and simulation, but with the precise understanding of manufacturing and testing method and the experiences about errors occurring over the whole process.

ELS is running the lighting laboratory equipped with the measurement system for material, photometric, electrical and mechanical test. All data acquired in the lab fully supports for the development process. The lab members with wide experience examine every prototype of optical parts as well as run quality control programs for mass production.

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