Featured Lighting Projects by ELS

Hong Kong Airport: The Shilla Duty Free

Samsung’s travel retail arm, has recently won the duty free concession at the Hong Kong International Airport. With the prime theme of “Beauty & You”, these shops tout “the world’s top beauty know-how” for both ladies and men. Therefore, the shop lighting is of utmost importance to present the products as well as to provide a conducive and amicable atmosphere for the customers to appreciate. 

ELS’ special skills have been commissioned to provide the lighting and the intelligent control systems for the shops.  On top of the very tight schedule to complete face-lifting all the shops within a 6-month span constricted by allowing only minimal impact on the ongoing retail operation, there are quite a few customized lighting designs to convey the “Natural Beauty” of the place.  These include the “Star Light”(a myriad of 10’s of thousands of LED dots creating a twinkling effect and the “Leaf Light” (lighting with leaf-shaped sculptures creating a lighting ambience of an eco-system) on the ceiling.  Other considerations include maintaining adequate brightness over the years, minimal glare for the comfort of the customers and a close to perfect color rendering effect.  These also have to couple with the reliability of a 3-year warranty as well as both fire and electrical safety against international standards.

Ril Creed Designer Bag

Some of the keys to successful retail are the attractiveness of the displays and a comfortable ambience for the customers to shop.  Both of these elements are very lighting related.  Ril Creed, a Japanese designer’s handbag chain, realized this and employed the professional service of ELS. We use very low glare(UGR<10) lighting fixtures, so that, going into the shop, the customers won’t get intruded by sharp glare into their eyes. 

As a result, customers feel more at ease and tend to stay longer in the shops.  The LED chips used have a color rendering index of 97 or above, making the true colors of the handbags standing out from the rest of the competition in the same shopping mall.  ELS is glad to use lighting to help our clients to show their “true colors” and get ahead of the competition.


Office Lighting: Bank of China

The Bank of China is very particular about glare and the reliability of the lighting equipment. 

Before ELS’ service was rendered, they had quite a few display track LED spot lights that kept on burning.  We therefore made the replacement with our super low glare (UGR<10) Vita Trac 25 and powered them with our remote LED driving system, the UD.  The remoteness of the UD gets rid of the heat problem once and for all.  This solves the client’s two concerns in one go.

Hotel Lighting: Vietnam Windsor Plaza Hotel

The hotel had been quite dated and worn out before we were invited in to do a lighting facelift. The owner had 2 objectives: Firstly, to upgrade the hotel from a 3-Star to a 4.5-Star; secondly, to create a more energy efficient and maintenance friendly operating environment.

Working with the project architect and contractor and employing ELS’ Lighting Imaging Design, ELS quickly came up with a directly visible and executable plan that the owner agreed to right away within a short period of one month. Subsequently, ELS completely redesigned and changed the lighting of all the public areas into aesthetically pleasing LED lighting, all systematically controlled by our UD remote LED powering solution.  All control and driving equipment are now placed in the E&M room of each floor, giving 24/7 easy accessibility for maintenance.  ELS also designed and manufactured a few custom-made lighting fixtures to suit the project requirements.

Residential Lighting: Kelletteria

The luxurious house has a very nice garden overlooking the ocean and the owner is a very hospitable person who loves to have friends over for dinner parties.  Besides the indoor lighting that is system controlled with different ambience for different times of the day, we specially designed the garden lighting that are in-tune with the plantations and nicely crafted trees.

There are multiple layers of lighting, creating different scenes for different occasions.  Since the garden is outdoor and prone to heavy rain and wind, all the electrical wiring and connections are designed to attain IP-68 conditions.  And, of course, all the lightings are powered by our unique UD for maximum reliability and performance.

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